Challenges on the first day of school

After the winter holidays and several months of distance learning, all final year students from the east of the country are returning to school today. This is a great challenge, especially for high school graduates, as they will have a test of knowledge from high school in about two months. The latter will be adjusted due to long-term distance learning, but this raises the question of whether it is sufficient for a successful 2021 matura.
Primary school students in the east of Slovenia returned to school today after a winter holiday and several months of distance schooling. Today, the principals of primary schools (OŠ) unanimously claim that the motivation for students to work has greatly decreased in recent weeks, so they were happy to return to school today.
Primary school principals only acknowledge the oft-heard fact that distance learning has been successful, but that it can in no way replace that at school, especially since it has taken so long.
Precisely because of this lack of knowledge, it would be necessary to adjust the NPZ or, if possible, even abolish it this school year.
However, they are currently facing inappropriately large problems in secondary schools and gymnasiums, where the difficulty of the material is appropriate. Especially for final year students who have also returned to school today.
Nevertheless, many are wondering how it is possible to make up for a delay in just two months, as the tests of knowledge from this year's matura are already starting at the beginning of May.
A lot of experts in the field of education talk about being a lost generation, but is that really the case?

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