Cero Nuts remediation or expansion

Two decades ago, the Waste Center in Gajke near Ptuj was a model Slovenian model of waste management at that time. Ten years ago, he still had ambitious plans to expand. In 2016, there were initiatives to expand the landfill, but to date, except on paper, the plans have not yet materialized.

It was only after all court proceedings that CERO Gajke received permission for expansion and operation, but they still do not have the consent to do so after more than 5 years of waiting.

Waste was once transported to Gajke from 18 municipalities and from about 80.000 inhabitants. There they were sorted, the useful fractions were sold, and the rest was loaded on larger trucks and taken to a landfill in Celje. But now they are left alone, so the viability of the investment is questionable.
The Minister of the Environment, Andrej Vizjak, also announced that they would obtain all the necessary information for the possible rehabilitation of the landfill, but that they were not considering expanding for the time being.

On the flat Ptujsko polje, literally in front of the city threshold, CERO Gajke was built two decades ago in a time crunch, when other locations could not be obtained. Instead of investing in a landfill, they spent a lot of money on transporting waste to Ormož, because they were no longer allowed to dispose of it in Gajke. If the state mills were only a little faster in agreeing and allowing this cost, the locals would not have it.

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