Reading Challenge 2020

Slovenian bookshelf

Age groups of readers:

  • A (5 to 10 years) Challenge completed with at least three books read.
  • B (10-14 years) Challenge completed with at least three books read.
  • C (15 to 21 years) Challenge completed with at least four books read.
  • D (adults) Challenge completed with at least six books read.

How do I participate in Reading Challenge 2020?
Easy! Parents can enroll themselves or their children through of the application form all the time duration Reading Challenge 2020.

How to get books? 
All books are available at Slovenian bookshelves or we send them to your home address and you can borrow them for free. When you visit, you can borrow up to 10 books at a time and have them at home for 30 days. You can also find the Reading Challenge 2020 books among the e-books in the set Koper Libraries. How to get there check it out here.

What is the current list of books in the 2020 Reading Challenge?
The list of books is constantly updated. You can also suggest a book for the Reading Challenge 2020 through ours contact form.

How do I defend a read book Reading Challenge 2020?
About every book you read on Reading Challenge 2020 you have to give your opinion and take your own photo of the book. Children can also defend the book through their own illustration. The materials can be submitted live or together to our e-mail address [email protected]. No later than 30. 9. 2020.

What are the rewards for successfully completing the 2020 Reading Challenge? 
Everyonethat you successfully complete Reading Challenge 2020 as a gift you will receive a Slovenian author's book prize, a cursor, a diploma, a brooch and a cup for tea Reading Challenge 2020.

The Top 2020 Kids in Groups A and B who successfully complete the Reading Challenge XNUMX will be rewarded with a special book prize!

Reading Challenge 2020 runs through October 1, 10

The last day for submission of materials is September 30, 9.

Conditions of cooperation
Slovenian nationality
Permanent address in the United Kingdom

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