Excursion to Primorska: Visit to shell dunes

A trip to Primorska can be made a little different than usual by visiting the only shell dunes in Slovenia. It is located in the Polje Bay between Koper and Ankaran, north of the mouth of the Rižana River and in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Koper. A shell dune formed after 1990, when the bottom of the Port of Koper was deepened and sludge from the seabed was deposited in the Polje Bay in the Adriatic Sea. The rain then gradually washed the mud out of the piles of silt and only the dunes of the shells of many species of shells remained. This created a short unique strip of coastline, as shell dunes are a rarity in Europe.

There is a place in the cemetery of shells or shell dunes 234 species of molluscs, can also be observed here at least 30 species of different birds. We can admire a large number of drills, wolves and elephant teeth, and among the most beautiful are the shell of the scallop, ladinka, srčanka and snail house čokati volek, bodički volek, rožiček and others. A special feature of the shell dunes is the outflow of the river Rižana into the sea. Namely, Rižana is the only river that originates in Slovenia and flows into the Slovenian sea.

How to get to the shell dunes?

From the highway, turn towards Ankaran and drive to the left turnoff for Sv. Catherine, located a few hundred meters behind the barracks. Then drive along the side road to a small marina and a football field, where you can park for free and take the well-trodden path along the eastern edge of the marina to the dune.

Visiting shell dunes with thousands of shells is a real little treasure that even our youngest ones will be thrilled with, so in the near future just plan one. a pleasant family outing. The trip is also suitable for children who have barely walked, and you can also go on it with a pram. Kids will definitely enjoy, running on the dunes, playing with shells and splashing around in the shallow sea. However, it should be noted that the shells are intended only for viewing, admiring and photographing, and not for taking home.

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