A mental leap will be crucial in the fight with Covid

Official figures on the number of infected indicate that we are facing a second wave of the covid-19 infectious disease epidemic. We are witnessing its rapid and exponential spread among the population, so the Government declared an epidemic in the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia and took a number of measures. But there is dissatisfaction and fatigue among the people, and many also doubt the appropriateness of the measures.
The pandemic of the new coronavirus poses a serious threat to humanity, warns the top Slovenian medical profession. Why? The problem is not only the serious complications that can occur during the recovery of this disease, but also the stamp that this disease leaves on the body after healing and manifests itself with a delay, be it damage to the heart muscle or lungs - or, for example, the formation blood clots. In individuals who have suffered from COVID-19, for example, the incidence of stroke due to clots increases threefold.
In order to prevent the disease, it is necessary to follow preventive measures. Following China's example, by taking strict measures, the epidemic can be contained.
It is important to adapt to the daily tasks and activities due to the presence of the new coronavirus, and to be especially careful not to become infected or to unknowingly transmit the infection to the people around us.
Experience from the first, spring wave of coronavirus has shown that emergencies evoke feelings of fear, panic and anxiety among people. Strict measures, which are otherwise necessary to limit the spread of the virus, limit our contacts for a while, which are key to coping with stress. And if in the first wave most of them took measures, in the second wave many skeptics appeared, in Maribor and Kranj they even organized a protest against the measures. But consistent implementation of measures is crucial to contain the epidemic.
It is also important to forget conspiracy theories or deal with them when the serious medical distress is over, because, as experts guarantee, we can only defeat the virus together.

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