Fatal Blue: A Lovely-Erotic Novel that Surprises!

Not long ago, part 2 of a love-erotic novel in two parts was published in Slovenia, Fatal bruise, by Maja Horvat. Both parts will also be included in ours Reading Challenge 2020.

Maja Horvat is an author who has been practicing writing almost all her life. Fatal bruise, Part 1, a novel that came out almost exactly a year before part 2, in late December 2018, is her debut, by no means the only book she has written.

Her literary oeuvre includes poetry, short stories, fairy tales and, above all, several novels of different genres. In addition to love-erotic novels, the inspiration for writing draws from history and, on the other hand, in fantasy worlds where everything is possible. He is currently working on a fantasy serial of 9 Kingdoms, in which he plans to write 7 to 10 books - 2 have already been completed. In the coming year, however, her contemporary-historical novel, The Aegean Wind, which occurs mainly on the Greek island of Kos, is expected to hit the shelves.

The second part of Fatal Blue is quite different from the first

The first part of the novel Fatal bruise focuses on three crazy months spent by a lively, almost full-grown teenager, Petra, in Cornwall, England, where she becomes entangled in a hot relationship with young prospective Earl Jason. It just reminded her that you always have to be careful about what you want her not to come to fruition, and at the same time, many questions have arisen in her, especially about her and her experience of love and sex.

The book is full of verbal duels between Peter and Jason and spiced up with quite a few hot scenes. Throughout the story, many other relationships develop between the main character and the side characters, and reveal many hidden stories. In Part 1 of the novel Fatal bruisebut you will not find romantic tender emotions, but a whirlwind of boiling feelings, questions and concerns, most notably a passionate passion for love and life that can destroy and frustrate or build and shape. In any case, it changes us and leaves an indelible mark on our lives.

Unlike the first part, the second part of the novel Fatal bruise accompanies Petra, who returns home to Slovenia, where she begins to cope with growing up and later creating a new life and career. She creates new bonds and builds a future, learns about a different form of love, and finds that she is not only wild but also gentle and warm. Of course, the route also takes her back to England, where she has a relationship with Jason, but she is much more mature and slightly different than when she first visited Cornwall, but still very hot and even a little more filled with erotica , for the first time. The full story of Part 2 of the novel The fatal bruise is thus stretched to over ten years.

Fatal Wisdom is not an entirely love-erotic novel

Both Parts 1 and 2 of the novel Fatal bruise are full of emotions, though often dark. And in a way, that is exactly their purpose. Remind us that we all have dark and light sides - and both are equally important. Only when we are aware of it and proudly accept it will we truly live. However, part 2 of the novel is a little more upbeat and much different than the first.

Part one Fatal bruises has impressed many readers who can hardly wait to get Part 2 in their hands. However, the book is also becoming more widely known to new readers who only came across Part 1 at the time of the release of Part 2.

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