Slovenian bookshelf

Kaja Karba for the first time about the Slovenian Bookcase project in London.

Editorial Board of the Journal Slovenians in England is together with its business partners from Slovenia for Slovenians living in Great Britain in elsewhere in the world set up a project SLOVENIAN LIBRARIES, within which Slovenians can borrow books in their native language. Within Koper Libraries in Slovenia, we enable you free use and reading of all their electronic resources.

Slovenian bookshelf

List of books Reading Challenge 2020 is up to date. Book for Reading Challenge 2020 you can also suggest yourself through ours contact form. All books are available at Slovenian bookshelves in London or send to your home and you can rent them for free.

Suggest a book! The editorial board strives to reach as many readers as possible by selecting books on the Slovenian Bookshelf. We especially like to select books of special interest for Slovenes and local and award-winning authors. You can author or book through contact form you also suggest yourself.

Books on the Slovenian Bookshelves have been donated or made available for purchase by the editorial staff of our newspaper: National and University Library Ljubljana, Public Book Agency, contributors to our editorial board, native authors, Slovenians living in the UK, Egmont Publishing House, publishing house Mladinska knjiga, publishing house Roman.

Need a book and not find it on the Slovenian Bookshelf in London? Contact us! Project Slovenian bookshelf is also twinned with Kungota County Library, which has been operating in Slovenia since 1967. If the book is in stock, they will send it to us at our expense.

The latest news about the Slovenian Bookshelf project

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