Podravje officially red-colored region

As daily data show, the growing number of coronavirus infections does not seem to be over. The government had to take action, so it took stricter measures, but this time they are tied to individual regions. Despite being told that the colors of the regions will be monitored and changed on a weekly basis, today, so far, it has added two more to the 7 red regions. Due to the 14-day incidence of over 140, the Podravska and Pomurska regions are also colored red. The measures in all 41 Podravina municipalities come into force today at midnight.

From tomorrow, the inhabitants of Podravje will no longer be allowed to leave their region, various 11 exceptions allowed by the decree, all inhabitants will have to wear masks outdoors, all events, gatherings, weddings and religious ceremonies will be prohibited. All catering activities, fitness centers and sports facilities for the implementation of sports and recreational activities in the field of group exercise are being closed. According to the authorities, the situation is extremely serious.

Even before the information about the inclusion of Podravje on the red list, the Municipality of Maribor announced on Monday the closure of public sports facilities for indoor training, all club rooms, offices and halls, except those needed for services operating during the epidemic.

City bus schedules will also be adjusted on Monday, as the number of passengers on buses is expected to fall due to the transition to distance learning. It is a regime that was already at the time of the first wave of the epidemic. By adjusting the schedule to transport people to work.

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