1,6 million euros were earmarked for investments

This year, the municipality of Videm allocated 191.000 euros for the program of renovation of municipal roads, and 230 euros for the construction of 146.000 meters of sewerage and the renovation of the water supply system.

As part of the road program, three sections with a total length of 2.185 meters were renovated: Skorišnjak – Kozel (worth € 60.000), Majski Vrh – Drenova graba (€ 55.000) and Zgornja Pristava – Vinkler – Cebek (€ 76.000). The Municipality of Videm will cover the investment with non-refundable state funds, which belong to it according to Article 23 of the Municipal Financing Act.
They are also planning to renovate other infrastructure projects, such as the renovation of the sewerage system. In addition, they want to arrange the sewerage system in the hilly part of Haloz.
Otherwise, they will have to provide individual treatment plants in the hilly areas of Haloz.

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